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Footage shot by the amazing Frame X Productions

Stunning footage isn’t it?

Oceanic Whitetips are just one of the species you can see on a Under Pressure Divers Red Sea safari!

 Under Pressure Divers can offer a range of dive holidays where you stand an excellent chance of seeing sharks – but only if you want to!

“The Liveaboard experiences we offer can virtually guarantee a close encounter. Our shark diving adventure holidays can take you to locations at the heart of the adventure. If this is your thing!”

If you are lucky enough to have encountered sharks on a dive you know it represents one of the pinnacles of the diving experience.

As we said before -The shark population is being devastated right now by the ravages of an out of control shark finning industry. Thousands are slaughtered everyday. We believe once you have seen these incredible animals in their natural environment  you will begin to, at least emotionally, understand why this is such a tragedy. And environmental disaster. (see here).

Want to experience this unique thrill?
Under Pressure Divers can take you there.

Contact us today to begin planning the dive holiday of a lifetime.
Warning: For that rare combination of calm, experienced diver and adrenaline junky only!



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