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For over than 100 years, on the 10th of January in the middle of Wadi Zalaga in the South Sinai desert camel races are held by the local South Sinai Bedouin tribes…

Over 25 camels take part in this amazing race. The usually sedate camels can ride over 40 kilometers with speeds over to 50 kmh! Bedouin tribes prepare their fastest, fittest and best camels and young Bedouin boys will defend the honour of their tribes. The victor gets fun, excitement,  honour, respect – and prize money!

This year a camel from Tarabeen tribe took first place. The race is not only massively popular for Bedouin tribes but for adventurous tourists as well.

We hope to see you next year with us at the next camel race!

See a great video of the camel Race here:

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