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It’s true, this is a diver’s paradise, but if you want to see the true spirit of Dahab check out the first video – if you only watch one video on this page make it that one!


Dahab divingBut if you aren’t a diver, or you just have to hang around with a SCUBA nut, rest assured. Dahab has many more things to do than just getting underwater and meeting fish.

Above ground there is so much to do – (when you list it it may seem to be a hectic place, but it SO is not) ……. Dahab probably has the most chilled vibe on the planet.

Under Pressure Divers always keep you and your family in mind, and can recommend lots of things to do and see.  We can arrange everything from accommodation to kitesurfing to eating out to desert safaris. We know the most friendly. professional people the town has to offer, we have known them for years! – and can personally recommend the very best available.

Dahab is special!


If diving is your main thing you must check out our offer of an incredible
6 weeks FREE Dahab accommodation

if you do a PADI DM course with us.

Check out the videos below to get a little taste of just how special it is in Dahab….and we haven’t even mentioned the diving….which is amazing by the way!

Happy – We are from DAHAB, EGYPT

If you only watch one video on this page, make it this one!

PURE Dahab. guranteed to put a smile on your face. Lots of familiar faces too.

Unreal Egyptian Paradise in Dahab!

A great guide to how it feels arriving in Dahab. Nice little movie.

Freediving Training Week Blue Hole

Just always a big WOW from us. Personally I need a tank on my back to see the Blue Hole.

Dahab Timelapse Yoga – Aphex Twin

Thats the way the yoga rolls in Dahab. Hugely popular here and a haven for yoga types almost as much as divers.

Dahab Kitesurfing

Laguna! Just about perfect for Wind surfing & Kite Boarding. Another WOW! from us for this too.

Castle Zaman

Drive out of Dahab north up the coast and unexpectedly see this place perched on a hill in the middle of a beautiful nowhere. Enjoy some of the best food in Egypt. Bliss.

The City Of Magic – Dahab 2018

See you here in 2019

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