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Under Pressure Divers news & views. Lots of stuff about diving obviously but also lots of posts about the places we love to dive. Dahab and the Costa Brava especially!

Info and good advice about cheap flights, accommodation and what to do with the family when you aren’t diving in these fantastic locations.  Great pictures, some music and strange and funny memories and stories. And the occasional wicked dive offer and free stuff.


An independent travellers guide to Dahab | Part 1

YALLA! Lets start this guide with Diving! We know a friendly, professional, independent dive school with over 20 years experience of offering high class, fun and family friendly dive holidays in the Red Sea. This school offers an incredible deal for anyone who wants...

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UK divers – Cheap flight alert! Less than £20 to Spain

Feel the need to make some bubbles? We have found some VERY cheap flights available to Spain right now - and remember kids, you still won't need to shell out for a visa - yet ☺☺☺ Combine these flights with our fantastic Ocean and Hills offer to celebrate the new dive...

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Dahab – So much more than diving! A video selection.

Dahab! It’s true, this is a diver’s paradise, but if you want to see the true spirit of Dahab check out the first video - if you only watch one video on this page make it that one!   But if you aren’t a diver, or you just have to hang around with a SCUBA nut,...

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Can I become a pro diver after just one trip to Dahab?

It's a question we get asked a lot! Maybe you are on a gap year, have a few months free time or are just sure about your dreams and where you want to go. Our good friend James Fletcher suddenly felt the need to breathe from a tank. He spent some time with us in Dahab....

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Hammerhead! Shots from a Red Sea big fish safari

Footage shot by the amazing Frame X ProductionsWant to dive with Sharks? Diving with hammerheads is a heart-pounding adventure Hammerheads are stunning aren't they? Hammerheads are aggressive hunters, feeding on smaller fish, octopuses, squid, and crustaceans. They ...

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We love getting reviews like this!

It's great when we've done our job properly and you take the time to tell us. We get a lot of very positive comments about our Dive centres in Dahab and Spain and would like to say thanks for taking the time to write them. Check out this review we got from...

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Thanks for sending in your great diving pictures!

Here are some great images you sent us from the diving holidays you have spent with us. Keep sending your images in to us via our facebook page and we can post them here. Theres a good chance you could win a PADI T-shirt! Enjoy these fabulous pictures from Costa Brava...

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Diving with sharks – would you?

Under Pressure Divers can offer a range of dive holidays where you stand an excellent chance of seeing sharks – but only if you want to! Diving with Sharks is a heart-pounding adventure, no matter the species. contact us for the dive adventure holiday of a lifetime.

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Under Pressure Divers In Dahab

Hello from all of us here at Under Pressure Divers Dahab!                        Here is a little information for you about the diving here in Dahab, Egypt.            There are over 20 dive sites in Dahab itself. Dozens more of the most famous sites in...

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5 Best Dive Sites on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is situated in the northern part of Spain's Mediterranean coast Water temperatures range from 13 in the winter to a warm 24 in the summer season This coast is a magnet for tourists and has so much to offer in holiday experiences but it is a hidden gem...

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