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The Costa Brava is situated in the northern part of Spain’s Mediterranean coast

Water temperatures range from 13 in the winter to a warm 24 in the summer season

This coast is a magnet for tourists and has so much to offer in holiday experiences but it is a hidden gem for divers. Here are five of the very best dive sites on the Costa Brava, Spain. Under Pressure divers can take you to all of these spectacular locations. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to dive here or have any questions.

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1 | Ullastres

There are three large pinnacles 20 mins by boat from the marina at Palamos.

The deepest and most spectacular is number 3 descending down to 53mt with the top of the pinnacle at around 8 mt.

This is obviously for advanced divers only!

You will find it covered in bright yellow gorgonian sea fans and alive with exploring Nudibranch.

Thousands of sardines surround the pinnacles patrolled by hunting barracuda and jacks in the background.

2 Boreas Ship Wreck

Only a 5-minute drive by boat from Palamos this 40-meter boat sits at a max depth of 32 meters making it an ideal deep dive for courses and fun.

The Boreas a tugboat of the German navy used during World War II, It was originally named the Pellworm.

After being placed into civilian use in Panama it was finally seized with narcotics in 1989, off the coast of Begur. Sunk not long after it is now one of the best wreck dives in the northern Med.

Penetration of the wreck is possible with a couple of large rooms and corridors to practice your buoyancy along with an impressive engine room to explore, recommended is to have a torch to help you to find that elusive congar ell hiding somewhere aboard.

Bream surround the upper parts of the deck and with the occasional lobster lurking in one of the many cracks makes Boreas wreck one of the Meds great dives.

3 | The Formigues islands

(41º53’N 03º11’E) This group of 16 baron islands located just 5 km north of Palamos is situated just of the coast of Cap Roi is Ideal for all divers and snorkelers, descending to around 30mt with its many cracks and canyons to swim between, looking for seahorses and octopus who seem to like these rocks. Many protests have happened on the island to make it a protected area but until now nothing has changed. If you are around at the end of August you to could be lucky enough to join in and do your part to help the conservation of this marine world.


4 | Coves de Cala Viuda

A group of caves in the cliff face of the Costa del Montgrí between the Medes Islands and L’Escala fishing town.

This group of caves can be reached by boat and are suitable for divers with some experience of cave diving or with an urge to try something new.

Ranging from a Depths of 7 to 23 meters, these underwater caves are great fun for divers that have a guide or have been before. The place can be confusing! With numerous passageways with air chambers inside the rock, it is a fantastic feeling being inside looking at these underground limestone formations.

Upon exiting the incredible light glows in the distance temping you to explore more and more of these great caves.

Red coral and sea fans adorn the walls with scorpion fish and a possible ray hiding in the sand. A simply superb dive.

5 | Coves de Sant Feliu

These group of caves can be dived from both the shore and by boat.

Situated just around the southern bay of Sant Feliu this 30 mt dive is fantastic.

As we decend into a canyon the first two caves become visible, each cave is apparently 18 to 20 mt long with plenty of room for a few divers at a time. For those divers, with extra air, a 3rd cave can be found not to far away.

Filefish are occasionally seen here and if you are lucky enough in April/May on your journey home keep your eyes open for Sunfish! You can sometimes spot a dolphin or two.

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